What to do

We customize all experiences and itineraries. Whether you’re seeking an action-packed adventure or a relaxing beach holiday we have the perfect selection of activities to build your personalized itinerary.

Scuba Diving

Dive into the pristine waters of the Colombian Pacific Ocean where you will have the opportunity to witness great seasonal variety and follow different species as they migrate across the course of the year. In May, you will have the opportunity to experience the Sardine Run where big schools of sardines migrate through the warm Pacific waters and all the big predators, YellowFin Tuna, Dorado, black tip sharks and seabirds which also get in on the action. Between July and October, you will have the opportunity to be accompanied by the songs of the whales as they communicate with each other and if you are really lucky, you may even have an underwater encounter with one of the most majestic creatures of the sea. 

Whale Watching


Every year between July and October, the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific Ocean play host to the majestic humpback whales as they linger in the area to breed and give birth. They can be seen from the beach or via a private boat tour with one of our experienced guides, allowing you a close and respectful encounter with one of the largest mammals on the planet. 

Hot springs & Spa

At the Termales hot springs you can immerse yourself in mineral rich thermal waters, floating in the serene space while surrounded by the exotic sights and sounds of the lush, tropical rainforest. There is an onsite spa managed by the community, which offers natural clay masks, traditional massage and plant medicine baths for an indulgent and deeply relaxing experience to compliment any vacation.

Jungle hikes

Explore the rich and biodiverse jungle with a guided walk through tropical vegetation to beautiful waterfalls. Our local guide will provide you with rubber boots and point out all the interesting flora and fauna along the way. Then in the waterfalls, take your time cooling off in refreshing deep pools and cascading waters before hiking back to the village to enjoy the hot springs or a well-deserved delicious lunch!

Bird Watching

Appreciate and identify local and diverse bird species ranging from Toucans to Hummingbirds in one of the planet’s most biodiverse and virgin environments. With over 650 species unique to the Pacific Region, you will not leave disappointed by the sights, sounds and diverse variety.


Colombia’s best surfing spots can be found along the Pacific Coast, where the currents are stronger, the waves are higher and the sea is more like a private beach in contrast with the busy Caribbean side. If you are just a beginner there are plenty of small and consistent waves to get you up on the board with the guidance of our local instructors. Most communities manage their own surf schools which offer programs for kids and adults, teaching how to surf, be safe in the water and respect and care for the ocean.


Every year between June and December, Olive Ridley sea turtles migrate to the Pacific coast beaches to lay an average of one hundred eggs. Local conservationists walk the beaches at night and collect the eggs to protect them from predators. After approximately fifty-five days of incubation, the eggs are ready to hatch. You can witness this amazing spectacle and help with the release of the baby turtles back to the ocean, giving them the best chance of survival.


Whether you’re looking for serious sports fishing or curious about traditional techniques from local fishermen, we can arrange an experience for you. Discover the rich Pacific waters, home to Yellowfin Tuna, Red Snapper, Mahi-Mahi and an array of others. A beautiful day on the water and time to appreciate the rugged coastline from your vantage point at sea makes for a memorable fishing trip regardless of the catch.

Utria National Park

The botanical garden of the Pacific region is situated under the municipality of both Bahia Solano and Nuqui and contains over 400 acres of natural reserve. Visitors can walk along boardwalk trails learning about the characteristic plants of Chocó and admiring its diverse habitats. The garden includes mangrove areas that are home to endangered species, and serves as a reserve for the nesting of Olive Ridley sea turtles, which are protected by the park. It is also one of the best locations to see Humpback whales as they favor the protected shallow areas when nursing their young calves.

River Tour in Traditional Canoe

The best way to explore the beautiful rivers of the region is by wooden canoe. Without the noise of a motor, you enjoy a peaceful journey and can really admire all of the birds and wildlife. Your local guide will stop along the way for a short walk through the jungle to nearby waterfalls  where you can cool off before returning to the village.

Local Cooking Class

Learn how to make typical food from the region using local ingredients like exotic fruits from jungle trees, including coconuts, and one of the many fish varieties in exquisite variations. We arrange both private and group classes in the kitchens of local cooks to learn firsthand some culinary secrets of the infamous Pacific Coast gastronomy.

Local Weaving Class

Learn traditional weaving techniques while making baskets, bowls and other artisanal products from palm leaves with local indigenous women from the Embera community. Enjoy not only the practice, but also the creative exchange through stories about what role weaving has played in terms of industry, economic independence and upholding tradition.

Experience Coqui

The small community of Coqui is renowned for its gastronomy and since 2012 has hosted the annual Gastronomy Festival where professional chefs from around the country come to teach and participate in workshops with local women. Now home to restaurant Zotea, supported by foundations Choco Emprende and FunLeo (Colombian chef Leonor Espinosa) which provides a sustainable model of tourism based on the rich ingredients and gastronomy of the region. You will also have the opportunity to get into the kitchen for a cooking class, visit the onsite garden and vanilla plantations, see how coconut oil is produced and buy local products. Take a boat ride to tour the mangroves and visit the Museum of Ancestral knowledge to learn more about Afro Colombian culture.


We customize all experiences and itineraries. Whether you’re seeking an action-packed adventure or a relaxing beach holiday we have the perfect selection of activities to build your personalized itinerary.