The Experience

 The Location

Prana Pacifico is based in the remote and untouched department of Chocó, on the Pacific Coast of Colombia.

Chocó has a diverse geography, unique ecosystems, and unexploited natural resources, and boasts one the largest virgin rainforests on the planet. This forest has isolated the mostly Afro and Indigenous communities from modern technologies, which has preserved a way of life long forgotten.

Only a 45-minute flight in a small plane from Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) in the centre of the cosmopolitan city of Medellin, takes you back in time to the village of Nuquí. With no road access, Nuquí has been closed off from the outside world, and although it mostly serves as the gateway for exploring other gems of the Pacific coastline, it has its own simple and rustic charm. From there, you will take a short boat ride to your destination, the paradisiacal island of Terco, where you will be surrounded by the forest, the Pacific Ocean, natural hot springs and the small community of Termales and long stretches of abandoned beaches that  run north and south of this private paradise.


Choose where you would like to stay for your Prana Pacifico experience. Whether you join us at our luxury private island property, El Morro Terco or our authentic and accessible beach house property, Casa Pura Vida on the edge of the village Termales, you will enjoy the essence of Prana in your Pacific experience.

* All of our retreats are hosted at Morro Terco (main property) but you can book accomodation for any of the properties that we represent below.


Morro Terco – Island Paradise

There are six guests rooms, two triples and four doubles, each all with a private bathroom and furnished terrace.

El Morro Terco is a unique and mysterious property, crafted from local wood in the shape of a ship and built amongst the trees high on a lush island, Invisible from the beach or ocean, it boasts breathtaking views from three spacious platforms, orientated to the North, South and on the upper deck of the house. At the foot of the property, the Terco river meets the ocean at high tide, surrounding the land with both fresh and saltwater. Walk along the jungle boardwalk to discover a large picnic table and jumping platform to enjoy beautiful sunset views and quick access to the ocean.

Casa Pura Vida

Located just on the outskirts of the small local community of Termales.

There you will get a little taste of the magic and simplicity of village life, chickens and children running in the dirt street, Grandmas sitting on their stoop and fisherman coming back in from a day hard at work. You have a beautiful view of the beach from your hammock on the deck and can enjoy a nice sea breeze and sound of the waves.

You are a short walk to the Hot springs so you can fully take advantage of soaking in the mineral rich waters and applying clay masks made from stones found in the pools And you can also rent surf boards from the local surf school in case you wanted to try something a little more active. We are happy to help you arrange other activities on request.

La Pesquera

For a more accessible accommodation option, we have a perfect beachfront property located next door to El Morro Terco. Surrounded by lush forest vegetation and gardens and you don,t have to climb 250 stairs to get to your room at night!


During this retreat we will offer a fusion of traditional and international flavours

Prepared with locally sourced ingredients, some imported luxuries and a whole lot of love!

Guests will always have the option of vegetarian and fish based meals and if we are advised of food allergies or restrictions in advance, we can also cater to individual needs.


This retreat is designed and open to all levels of yogis

People who wish to disconnect from technology and engage in activities aimed to inspire and invigorate the soul.

During our retreats, we hope to create a space where each individual can connect with their most authentic self and with a community of conscious minded people from around the world to participate in a spiritual journey in paradise. Each retreat is hosted by an experienced teacher, hand picked to create a unique and holistic experience for mind, body and spirit.

If you wish to participate in a private or group yoga class this can also be arranged outside of a retreat as a guest at one of our properties or through airbnb experiences.


Nature is our playground in this magical beach paradise!

The property itself has many areas to facilitate group activities or quiet time alone, and with the beach and ocean on our doorstep there is plenty of fun to be had in your free time.

There is the option of surf lessons or board rental and we can arrange a diving excursion if informed of interest in advance. The small village of Termales is located a 30 minute walk up the beach which boasts its own hot springs and spa. A scenic walk in the other direction will take you to another property where there is a beach bar and volleyball net for anyone that is feeling sporty. There are waterfalls reachable via a shaded jungle hike and a fresh river to bathe in literally on our doorstep.

Whale Watching

Between July and October each year the stretch of ocean along Colombia’s pacific coast plays host to large numbers of humpback whales migrating to the region.

The huge mammals, measuring up to 30m in length and weighing as much as 40 tonnes, travel some 8,000km from the Antarctic and southern Chile to reach the warmer and calmer waters off the Colombian Pacific to mate and to give birth. Watching the spectacle of these majestic animals showing off their enormous back fins, and even jumping out of the water, is an experience not to be missed. Don’t miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic beings as they cruise the warm pacific waters right on our doorstep. The tour usually last for 2.5 -3 hours and you will be picked up and dropped off at the property by boat.


An easy 30 - 45 minute walk along the beach.

Visit the small local village of Termales,   where you will have the opportunity to connect with the local culture and enjoy the therapeutic, mineral rich thermal pools. Cool off in the flowing stream that runs alongside the pools,  surrounded by beautiful forest and repeat

Quatro Encantos Jungle Walk and Waterfalls

Explore the jungle on your doorstep with a guided walk up to a set of four beautiful waterfalls

There you can bathe in deep pools and pass behind the cascading waters to a hidden cave. A moderate to challenging 4 hour round trip with plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature, fresh water and shaded jungle paths.


Colombia’s best surfing spots are along the Pacific Coast, where currents are stronger, waves higher and the sea less busy than on the Caribbean side.

Don’t be put off though, even if you are just a beginner there are plenty of small and consistent waves to get you up on the board with some of our pura vida instructors. The pueblito of Termales also boasts its very own surf school which runs programs for local kids teaching them how to surf, be safe in the water and to respect and care for the ocean. Check out the video here:


Indulge in a oil based or thai massage from the comfort of our private island property

You will be able to sink deeper into relaxation at the touch of experienced therapists and the sounds of the ocean and nature that surround you.

Utría National Park

The botanical garden of the Pacific region is situated in Bahia Solano, approximately 2.5 hours by boat from our location.

It contains 420 acres of natural reserve, where visitors can walk along boardwalk  trails to learn about the characteristic plants of Chocó and admire its diverse habitats. The garden includes mangrove areas that are home to endangered species, and serves as a reserve for the nesting of Olive Ridley sea turtles, which are protected by the park.

Jovi River Canoe tour

Take a trip to the village of Jovi, about 20 minutes by boat  from the property.

There you will meet with a local guide who will lead you on a tour of el Rio Jovi on a traditional wooden canoe. You will have the opportunity to explore the river and mangroves and take a short jungle walk to a waterfall. If you choose to do the 3 hour tour, you will walk an extra 30 minutes through the forest until you arrive at Antaral where you can bathe in the deep pool at the foot of the waterfall.

Scuba diving

Let us take you on a tour of  the vibrant underwater world of the Colombian Pacific.

This tour is for divers with their Padi certificate and previous experience. The tour includes pick up from the property in lancha boat, mini immersion and depending on skill, experience and conditions further immersion(s )to varying depths.

Bird Watching

Let one of local guides take you on a 2 hour guided walk through the jungle on our doorstep to find and identify local and diverse bird species ranging from toucans to humming birds in one of the planets most biodiverse and virgin environments

Pacific Fishing Trip

Take a full day trip on a beautiful boat with state of the art gear and expert local guides.

Hook yourself the catch of the day (groups) or alternatively try traditional fishing techniques with a hand line and wooden canoe (indvidual)

Local Cooking Class

Learn how to make typical food from the region and the Pacific Coast flavor with this workshop.

You will learn about the local ingredients, how to prepare them and some easy recipes so that you can replicate them at home with your own flair and sabor!