We have over three years experience in hosting retreats and group events on the Colombian Pacific Coast. Whether you would like to celebrate a wedding, family gathering or host a yoga / themed retreat, we can take care of all the logistics and special details to make your event smooth and unforgettable


We offer a variety of services to help facilitate your event or retreat on the magical Colombian Pacific Coast:

  • Booking flights
  • Recommending and reserving accommodation
  • Designing a personalized Itinerary of activities 
  • Catering and menu design
  • On ground logistics 
  • On site bilingual host 
  • Photography and videography services 
  • Graphic design for promotional material / invitations


We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of talented facilitators to create special and unique themed retreats / events for groups of between 8- 20 people on the Colombian Pacific Coast. Here are some professional reviews of their experience working with Prana Pacifico Travel 

Remote year is a program for online professionals who spend 1 month in Medellin as part of a 4 or 12 month program of travel. Our objective is to offer unique experiences for our groups that showcase the very best of Colombian Culture. We have taken 5 groups to Nuqui since we started our alliance with Prana Pacifico in 2018 and have been very happy with the feedback. Our experience working with Prana Pacifico has been easy, unique and inspiring. Linsey is a great hostess and organised fun, seasonal activities for each group. She has been very understanding and proficient with dealing with some of our most complicated clients and proved to be a real asset when one of our group had an accident, offering first aid care and logistical support. Her passion for the region and love of the local community make for a very personalized experience and we can’t wait for our next adventure with Prana.


I have collaborated with Prana Pacifico in hosting four yoga retreats on the Colombian Pacific coast since 2017. The communication with Linsey was efficient and I felt as if she really understood what I wanted to create and was able to guide the process with helpful resources and local experience, allowing me to focus on developing the yoga program and ceremony. Linsey provided an itinerary of appropriate local activities which complimented the theme of each retreat and took care of all the organisation and logistics. She designed specialty menus to cater to various dietary restrictions and the food was always a big success. Prana Pacifico is dedicated to supporting the local community and the retreats were enriched by opportunities for cultural exchange. I would absolutely recommend working with Prana Pacifico for your retreat on the Colombian Pacific Coast, the region is stunning and they are the best to showcase it. 



In October 2019 we hosted a 5 day Herbalism and Ancestral skills Womens´ Retreat with a  group of 10 attendees who had traveled from Medellin, Mexico, Berlin and Bogota. Prana organized and coordinated all the logistics of our flight from Medellin, receiving us with a warm welcome of local coconut drinks and snacks and flawless coordination of boat transfers to our final destination.  During our entire stay Prana Pacifico took care of all our needs; delicious meals catering to various restrictions, activities with the local community and made sure at all times that our retreat was on schedule. Linsey is a fantastic host, cook, guide and active community member of the area and I highly recommend working with her for your next planned event or retreat.



The Prana Pacífico team has been a great partner of Marimbea to carry out the planning and logistics of three different music retreats hosted in Nuquí, Chocó in 2018 and 2019. The team was very attentive and careful to attend to our group at all times. The design of menus, and activities complementary to the program offered by Marimbea were really enjoyable for our clients and enriched the whole experience, every detail carried out with care and consideration. The climate and resources in this region can prove challenging, but the Prana Pacífico team was always flexible and adaptable to ensure that our needs were met. Prana Pacifico initiated a free concert and donation of musical instruments allowing our group the opportunity to collaborate positively with the local community, which was a very special exchange for all.