Nuqui, Colombia – when to go?

January 26, 2019

If you want to see whales then June – October is the best time, however if this is not a priority for you then January – April are the driest months of the year and have lower airfares from Medellin.


Flying to Nuqui from Medellin is a popular method of travel. You can take a boat to Nuqui also (see below for details) but flying makes more sense and is similar in cost if you are near Medellin.

Costs of Airfares are lower during this dry season. That being January – April. Most people are coming to Nuqui during the Whale Watching season of June to October and hence air fares will be higher at this time.

If you would like help with booking a flight we can arrange this for you through St German Airlines. This will cost you no more than if you booked it yourself and every 12 flights we book for clients we get a free one which helps us bring in supplies every month.

If you are interested in understanding how to get here by plane then you can check this link here where we have described all the logistics on how to get from Nuqui to from Medellin.

Also, if you are coming to Nuqui via the USA or Spain then you may find it useful to know that certain airports have direct fights to Medellin where you can get a connecting flight to Nuqui. Check out our post on this here for all the details.


As we mentioned Whale Watching season is between June and December, but August is the best month for the most consistent views of the whales. August is when they breach the more often and are the most playful.

While Humpback Whales make Nuqui famous, there are loads of activities that all year long and can be done no matter what time you come. From birdwatching to visiting local tribes, from fishing to relaxing in a hammock post massage. If you are not happy with relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet, as many who come here do then there is no reason to be bored.

We listed all of the possible activities here including costs and how to book.


  • The temperature in the Nuqui area is very consistent with 26 C (78 F) year round. It is also very humid given the amount of rainfall. Much of the time you can get away with shorts and no shirt for the guys and bikinis for the girls. Add a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle and your good to go. Check out a full list of things to bring on your trip to Nuqui here.
  • Rainfall as we mentioned is lowest during January – April. February is usually the driest month. August to December is usually the wettest time of year with August being the highest rainfall usually.

Many people associate the Choco area, of which Nuqui is within, with high rainfall and for good reason. It’s one of the wettest places on earth! The rainfall is an important part of the ecosystem here and without it the jungle may not be so lush and full of the famous diversity which bring s people to the Choco region as a whole.

What else do I need to know?

How to get to Nuqui (boat or plane)?

If you’re coming from Medellin then flying is the best option. If coming overland from Ecuador or further south in Colombia then there are two options to arrive by boat as well. You can check out all the logistics here.

Where to stay in and around Nuqui?

We of course have some of the best accommodation, services and facilities in the area, but there are a few other options amongst our friends in the area as well. We’ve got options for all budgets in this post here which includes costs and information on how to book.

How much will my trip to Nuqui cost?

If you are wanting to know more precisely what you budget will need to be then check this link here for details of expected costs for your trip. Also, please note that you should bring all of your cash for your expenses with you as there are no ATM’s or Credit Card facilities in the area, even in Nuqui township.

What should I pack on a trip to Nuqui?

Nuqui is a special place and you do need to think about some particular packing ideas. Read our list of things to bring here as well as some more essential travel tips for the area.

Have any other questions?

Do you have a specific request or have me not answered your question? Find our contact details here. We are happy to give further advice!

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