Whale Watching Experience

May 27, 2019

Between July and October of each year the Colombian Pacific Coast is the ideal setting for a natural spectacle without equal: the visit of humpback whales or yubartas.

Traveling from Antarctica and traveling about 8,500 kilometers, humpback whales reach the warm waters of this area of ​​Colombia to mate and give birth to their youngs.

The annual passage of these gigantic cetaceans has turned whale watching into one of the most emblematic activities of the spectacular department of Chocó as it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who enjoy this activity in all its splendor.

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It is of great honor to observe them as they flick their tails in and out of the water, and their impressive jumps that shake the surface of the Pacific Ocean, the ideal place for them. Some show a full court dance and others will move quieter along with their beautiful calves. And of course you will see them throw clouds of steam, that is the total show of the day.

How to be part of one of the most spectacular moments of nature in Colombia?

To live this experience you can schedule your visit with Prana Pacifico so you do not miss the 2019 whale watching season in Colombia. Prana Pacifico in an accessible way and with pleasure will organize an excursion for you and your loved ones in a safe boat that will guarantee you a respectful encounter with these wonderful animals.

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The sighting of humpback whales in Colombia has become a good excuse to visit Chocó, the beautiful department where El Morro de Terco is located, official home of Prana Pacífico. Where you will be picked up by boat to start an unforgettable moment of your life.

Keep in mind that to see the yubartas, without a doubt, you have to have only one thing: patience. If you want to have the experience of seeing these giant animals, you will have to have it, but I assure you it will be worth it.

Before boarding the boat do not forget to bring sunscreen, water, snacks and a camera. Although the boat will have an awning that will protect you from the direct rays of the sun, it is very important that you take care of yourself and go prepared.

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Once at sea, everyone is waiting quiet and attentive with cameras and cell phones ready. The boatmen wait patiently for the signal: a water vapor on the horizon. Magical signal which directs them to the perfect point. They put the engine in neutral and wait for the humpback whale to take oxygen. The exercise will be repeated a couple of times since the whales have the capacity to do dives up to 300 meters and on their return to the surface appear anywhere. However, once you find them you will be delighted with their great bodies.

This is a great activity that you will love and from which you will fully enjoy the magic of nature. Pack your bags and start this great whale watching adventure with Prana Pacifico!


Silvana Palacios

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