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There are a number of cultural events throughout the year that pay tribute to the rich Colombian Pacific culture. We have highlighted our favorites below and would be happy to incorporate them into your personalized itinerary. 

Day of the Fisherman

(May 31)

This annual event pays homage to the humble fisherman and the cultural identity of the small fishing villages dispersed along the coast. Here you can cheer on a fishing competition, dance to traditional music and taste Pacific flavors in a variety of typical dishes made by women in the community for this special celebration.

Virgin del Carmen

(July 16-19)

This annual festival honors the Saint of the Sea, Virgin Del Carmen and has special significance for the communities of the Colombian Pacific coast. The highlight of the event is an aquatic parade where each community decorates a boat with flowers and streamers, musicians play typical songs and the statue of the Virgen del Carmen is transported in carnival spirit down the coast. Expect to find loud local music, lots of dancing, delicious food and fun festivities.

San Pacho -Quibdó

(September 21 - October 5)

Imagine vibrant Carnival street parades, raucous block parties and the chance to experience the heart of Quibdo and its people. This imagining offers a mere glimpse of what the Fiestas de San Pacho promises. Lasting just over two weeks, the festival celebrates religious expression, history and social commentary. You’ll hear African music and see bright costumes as you dance with the masses through the streets in what’s known as “El Bunde.”

Gastronomy festival - Coquí

(August 9-12)

If you are inspired by the infamous flavor of Pacific Coast cuisine, or just a foodie who loves to travel and enjoy local dishes, then this festival is for you. The event, supported by the ministry of tourism, invites famous national chefs to host workshops with the women from the local community, collaboratively creating world class dishes live on site with local ingredients and techniques. On the last day, the women form teams and prepare a massive feast. Everyone gathers to enjoy an abundant banquet of delicacies as well as traditional music, dancing and of course the locally produced liquor, Viche!

Petronio Alvarez - Cali

(August 14-19)

Once a year the streets of Cali come alive with a celebration of the Afro-Colombian culture by paying tribute to the musical legacy and cultural identity of great composer and musician Petronio Alvarez. During this festival you will be immersed in the fashion and food of the Pacific coast and will likely dance into the night to marimba and chirimia while tasting shots of Viche, the local liquor.