What to bring on your trip to Nuqui, Colombia

January 24, 2019

Nuqui and the surrounding area are very undeveloped compared to Medellin and quite probably your own country. Let’s set some expectations for your trip to the Colombian Pacific Coast before getting into some specific packing recommendations for your trip.

  • Adventure: you are very much off the beaten path here. No roads, lots of time near and in the ocean. Avoid bringing too many unnecessary valuables and electronics. If you must then find waterproof bags for them.
  • Rain and humidity: Choco Department which Nuqui is within is one of the most humid places on earth so expect rain.
  • Departure Day: On the day of departure you should dress appropriately as it is usually very hot here and you will very possibly get wet either from rain or getting in and out of boats while being transported around. All of this means you need to dress appropriately. Your boat will often drop you in the beach in knee-deep water with waves and all hence why we recommend dry bags for your gear and for you to wear lightweight quick-drying clothes.
  • Choco time: You are entering an area that is very much influenced by nature. You will be in the sun, you will get wet and you will encounter the infamous Choco time which means you will be waiting around. Choco is a place to try to relax and enjoy the little cell phone reception so embrace all of it for the adventure that it is!
  • Cell phone/internet: there is a very little signal in the area so be prepared to have no connection to the internet or be able to make calls. Prana Pacifico has some of the best reception in the area owing to its height on the hill but reception is limited. Movistar has the best coverage if you are buying a sim card. There will also be an emergency phone available if needed.
  • Power: We have 3-4 hours of power per day here at Prana Pacifico but if you are staying elsewhere this isn’t necessarily the case. Power is a luxury in the area. Many people use candles or go without for days.
  • Cash: There are no ATM or credit card facilities in the area, even in the township of Nuqui. You should bring all the cash you think you might need for souvenirs, alcohol, messages, activities, and food. Check out our list of trip and activity costs here and some of our favorite accommodations (including prices and booking info) here.

Packing essentials

  • Backpacks are better suited out here than suitcases as you will need to hike the 200 stairs in order to get to Prana Pacifico. Even if you are staying somewhere else without stairs it’s useful as there are several hiking opportunities in the area.
  • Bring lightweight and quick drying clothes if you have them.
  • Bikini or something to swim in. Possibly a sarong if your into that sort of thing😛
  • Sun hat and sunglasses.
  • Long sleeve tops are great for keeping bugs away.
  • Linen or lightweight pants.
  • Light shell or waterproof jacket.
  • Light sweater or wrap.
  • Clothes for a beach day or hiking day.
  • Socks for hiking or perhaps also to cover your feet at night from bugs.
  • Crocs or waterproof shoes are useful. Flip flops are food too. Sneakers less so but if its all you have then bring them. Many people also go barefoot as well.
  • Headlights and flashlights. There is limited power in the village of Termales. Prana Pacifico has a generator which we turn on for 3-4 hours per day so each night we can charge our devices.
  • Toiletries: each room has its own ensuite so bring any soap and other toiletries you need. If you’re staying with us we will also have a towel for you.
  • Definitely bring insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Camera and lenses including any waterproof housing you may need for it.
  • Dry bags are very useful just to provide protection from the elements here.
  • Snacks: If you have some favorite snacks you’d like to bring then do so. There aren’t any shops outside of Nuqui or Termales for such things.

Flight luggage restrictions

St German and all the other airlines flying to Nuqui allow 10kg max for checked baggage and 2kg for hand luggage and they are strict however you can pay for more if you desire.

In addition to this information we can also book flights in between Medellin and Nuqui for you at no extra cost to you than if you were booking it yourself. For every 12 flights that we book we get a free one which we use to help resupply our hotel.

Surf gear

Surf-boards and other gear is available for rent nearby in Termales however it can be expensive if you want to surf a lot. Check out this article for all you need to know about surf spots, rental and bringing your gear out to Nuqui by plane. We also offer our own all-inclusive Surf Package which can be a great way to celebrate with a wedding party or birthday group.

More useful tidbits

  • There is a small safe available on site for valuables.
  • We provide mosquito nets over each bed.
  • We provide a bath towel for each person.
  • There is a small washing machine on site at Prana Pacifico which you can utilize for 10, 000 COP per load.
  • Other hotels are similar but hand washing is usually an option anywhere if you really need it.
  • Travel and or medical insurance is recommended. There is a hospital in Nuqui however it is at least 1-2 hours away by boat. Bring any medicines you require also. There is very little access to a pharmacy in the area.