Prana Pacifico Family

November 6, 2018

Prana Pacífico Family

Most people are fortunate to have two families in our lives. One of them is the one we are born with, and the other is the one we choose to feed our soul and life with beautiful energies that elevate us.

And precisely that is what the community that surrounds and sustains Prana Pacífico has became... It became a family baptized by the magic of the Pacific and strengthened by a real and sincere affection, in which they can lean on and trust each other as if they were a real brother.

It is good to know that what started as Linsey's idea of ​​entrepreneurship, ended up becoming an ideal community. Well, with the arrival of her to Morro Terco, she brought a new energy and enthusiasm to the community, and now she is one more daughter, one more sister, one more cousin of the community.


Maybe her native language and skin color is different from those who hug her and kiss her as if she were their sister, but in the end this shows us that all human beings are united by the same language: love.


For that reason, my invitation is not just to come to live a wonderful experience in the ecohotel. Today my invitation is to venture to be part of this beautiful intercultural family that smiles and loves in the same language.

Thank you.

Written by: Laura Neira Molina