Pearl of a Pasta!

May 11, 2018

Pearl of a Pasta!

The Pacific ocean is abundant with life and with no supermarket in sight, one must get accustomed to foraging for food to fully take advantage of the local produce available.

An eager guest was very excited by this prospect, so off he went, snorkel in hand to see what he could forage with his new local friend, Chirri. Despite not sharing the same language these two formed quite the “bromance” with their love for adventure, nature and other manly pursuits being enough to bridge the language barrier.

They came back a few hours later with a bucket full of oysters and sea urchins and both sporting a good deal of spikes in their hands from their efforts. After initial first aid, they proceeded, this time with a pair rubber cleaning gloves for protection to open up the sea urchins for us all to experience the delicacy of the meat inside. Meanwhile, the sensible females are googling sea urchins and discovering that the venom from their spikes is quite toxic and wondering if all this bother was really necessary, especially while my new kitchen towel is being dyed purple from the goop of the urchins, the boys are whining about their urchin inflicted injuries and the delicacy extracted from the spikey snack was about the size of a peanut!

The Oysters proved to be a more successful endeavour and the following day we added them to our pasta. New guests had arrived and this was their welcome dinner and boy did they get a treat! I heard a little squeal so as a good hostess, went up to the dinning table to see what was arie, only to discover that the guest had found a pearl in his pasta! He unfurled his hand, and there in his palm was a tiny blue pearl, well i’ll be, just another surprise from the Pacific!