Nuquí, a trip to the center of our Being

September 8, 2018

Nuquí, a trip to the center of our Being

The total calm, the well-being that invades the body and soul, the harmony between space, nature and feelings ... That’s how sublime and significant were my days living the Prana adventure on the beaches of the Colombian Pacific. An experience that brought me back with more life, greater dreams and an enormous love for my country, for its nature, its people, its colors, its music and gastronomy.

From beginning to end it was an unforgettable experience. The trip by plane from Medellín to Nuquí was wild and exciting with incredible views and unique contrasts, leaving behind our concrete jungle within beautiful mountains, and landing in paradisiac rainforests that triumphed in the middle of the Pacific with palm trees full of life and an intense green that began to refresh the soul.

We arrived at the airport and our hosts were already awaiting: Linsey, who received us with a big smile and a welcome hug! And right in front of her, the most eccentric hen I have ever seen, with her unique hairstyle, cackling like the queen of the place.

To quench the thirst and take a little of the culture of the Pacific, we tried “Viche,” a strong drink from sugar cane that went down like fire to light up our hearts. We continued our adventure with a 40 minute boat ride that took us from Nuquí to the island where we dreamt, laughed, loved and aet the most delicious food for 3 extraordinary nights.

We arrived at the longed Terco Island, a magical, rustic and comfortable place, after climbing 150 steps that energized us and anticipated the one thing we can only understand though the experience. This is how we began to live  the days of total enjoyment, of nourishing the body and the heart with the most delicious and beautiful things. To close our eyes and become one with the moment and nature, to meet wonderful people, to witness the grandeur of nature and to evolve with each coming and going of the waves.

Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable moments was the sighting of whales yubartas. To be able to see with our eyes the wealth of our country, and to get excited with each moment in which they gave us a little taste of its great beauty was a gift from the Universe.


The gifts continued as we shared a wonderful night with the community of Terco and Termales, and the next day with a walk that ended with a refreshing bath in the river and in the hot springs. So many enriching experiences that I will tell you in the following blog article, because in one it is impossible to describe the enormous happiness of being reborn in the Pacific.

Meanwhile, you can watch our Youtube channel so you can get much closer to the Prana Pacifico experience.