Chocó – Love at first vibe

August 6, 2018

Chocó – Love at first vibe

On my last surf trip I ended up in Termales, a little village on the Pacific coast of Chocó, where amongst waves I found an impressive landscape, welcoming people, good food and an endless variety of activities. Although only a stone's throw away from Medellin, arriving in Chocó feels like setting foot on a different planet, far away from the hustle of the other world, our world.

When entering my new (temporary) home, rather than feeling like a tourist, I felt like I was staying at a friend's place. From then on, I had good laughs, amazing surf-, fishing- and cooking- sessions with my local roomies and friends from the village, which made me feel like being part of their community and gave me a deep insight into their culture. Together, we hiked through the rainforest, watched turtles hatch, played beach-volleyball, swam in rivers and waterfalls, danced to Latino tunes, studied English and relaxed in our hammocks. It was a give and take from both sides, an exchange of knowledge, new perspectives and skills (you should see my mad coconut-peeling-machete-skills now!). Everybody in the village has his/her individual story and dreams and I was lucky to hear a lot of them and learn from them.  When i wasn’t passing time in the village, I spent my days at Morro Terco, the home of Prana Pacifico where we cooked delicious and healthy meals together, practiced yoga, enjoyed epic views of sunsets and pelicans surfing the thermals and waiting for the waves at the base of the property. Good vibes!

Life in Termales might be very simple, however it doesn’t keep the locals from spreading happiness, kindness and their good vibes like nowhere else and pass it on to everybody passing through. Living amongst the Termaleños, in perfect harmony with mother earth and the ocean, made me realize once again how little it takes to lead a fulfilled (and healthy) life. I washed my clothes in the river, took bucket showers, fished my own fish, picked my own fruits and had very limited access to internet, though here I am, still alive, or actually: more alive than ever.

Although I am currently back in the chaos of the big city life, I dream about this perfect paradise every single day, about grabbing my board and catching some waves, hanging out with my friends and walking along the beautiful beaches. I dream about turning off all the sounds surrounding me here and getting lost in the unique sound of the ocean and the forest. Chocó, I’ll be back very soon…

Article shared by Lena Bartelt, dear friend and surfista who will indeed be back very soon!