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May 27, 2019

Whale Watching Experience

Whale Watching Experience Between July and October of each year the Colombian Pacific Coast is the ideal setting for a natural spectacle without equal: the visit of humpback whales or yubartas. Traveling from Antarctica and traveling about 8,500 kilometers, humpback whales reach the warm waters of this area of ​​Colombia to mate and give birth… View Article

April 2, 2019

Nuqui Whale Watching Package

From July to October we offer a Whale Watching Package that is second to none. Our package: Rooms With flights Without Flights Private $2, 250, 000 $1, 750, 000 Shared (double/triple) $1, 900, 000 $1, 350, 000 Note: Prices in Colombian Peso and per person, additional nights $250,000 per person. Package Includes: 1/2 day whale… View Article

February 17, 2019

Nuqui Surf Package – Prana Pacifico Retreats

3 nights and 4 days, including flights, food, accommodation, equipment, lessons if required and a boat trip to Cabo Corrientes for intermediate to advance surf. If you are just learning then it is still worth a trip out here as it is also an opportunity to go fishing and see all the wildlife out here… View Article

January 26, 2019

Best places to stay near Nuqui, Colombia

Most people aren’t staying in Nuqui township when they come to this part of Colombia’s Pacific Coast. Many of the places people stay are spread out South of Nuqui and require a boat ride to get there. In this post, we are going to look at accommodation options near Nuqui for a range of budgets…. View Article

January 26, 2019

Nuqui, Colombia – when to go?

If you want to see whales then June – October is the best time, however if this is not a priority for you then January – April are the driest months of the year and have lower airfares from Medellin. Airfares: Flying to Nuqui from Medellin is a popular method of travel. You can take… View Article

January 24, 2019

How to get to Nuqui from Spain and the USA

From the USA flying from Miami or New York directly to Medellin and then taking another flight to Nuqui Airport is the quickest route from the USA. From Spain, you can fly directly from Madrid to Medellin and then take a connecting flight to Nuqui. Let’s look at the specifics of each of these and… View Article

January 24, 2019

Where and how to surf near Nuqui, Colombia

Nuqui on the Colombian Pacific Coast has some of the best waves in not only Colombia but perhaps South America, however with difficult access and timing the trip for a decent swell can be the difference between an OK and an amazing trip! Boat access is needed for the best spots which can be expensive… View Article

January 24, 2019

What to bring on your trip to Nuqui, Colombia

Nuqui and the surrounding area are very undeveloped compared to Medellin and quite probably your own country. Let’s set some expectations for your trip to the Colombian Pacific Coast before getting into some specific packing recommendations for your trip. Adventure: you are very much off the beaten path here. No roads, lots of time near… View Article

January 24, 2019

Trip and Activity Costs in Nuqui, Colombia

Most people are coming to Nuqui during the whale watching season but surfing is also a big draw card. Outside of the whale season and if you’re not content lying in a hamaca there are also opportunities to, Hike, Dive, Massage, Hot Springs, Yoga, Cooking classes and much more. If you are bored here there… View Article

January 24, 2019

How to get to Nuqui: Pacific Coast Colombia

There are two ways to get to Nuqui. The quickest easiest and more expensive option is to fly from Medellin. The more adventurous, slower, and less expensive way is the get yourself to Buenaventura and take the boat to Nuqui. To be honest the costs aren’t so different as to be the deciding factor but… View Article