About Us


Founder and Experience Consultant.

I first discovered and fell in love with the Pacific Coast while visiting the area in 2015. When I returned from my trip,  I couldn ́t stop thinking about the beautiful abandoned beaches, virgin rainforest, warm Pacific waters and kind hearted community.

In 2017 Prana Pacifico was born and we started offering sustainable tourism and retreats, working closely with the local community to offer unique and educational experiences for visitors to the region. 

We are pleased to integrate all of the knowledge and experience acquired during the process of building a life and a business in the region, creating community with its people and appreciating its rich culture, allowing you to discover and share our passion for the Pacific


Content Creator, Photographer & Videographer

I  began collaborating with Prana Pacífico in 2017, accompanying retreats and capturing all the special moments through photos and videos. During this time, I had the opportunity to discover and appreciate the natural beauty of the Colombian Pacific Coast, build relationships with the local people and develop both personally and professionally through the freedom to explore new passions and projects. 

Now I am much more involved in the business and have grown into the role of social media content creator and graphic designer. I have since launched my own project, Light of Yoga, showcasing my yoga photography and I am a yoga instructor in training. 

The Colombian Pacific is truly magical and I am happy to be able to apply my skills to promote, support and share it with you


Prana Pacifico Travel lives local and works closely with the  community to offer opportunities for cultural exchange, access to education and projects to protect and conserve the culture and natural beauty of this region. 

If you have experience, resources or funds that you would like to contribute to these projects we would love to hear from you!

Here are some passion projects which we are developing with your support:


In association with Prime Medellin we would like to offer a free English Program to kids, those who work in tourism or simply want to learn via online modules and facilitation offered by Team Prana


In association with Jardin Secreto to create big community gardens to offer alternatives to food being imported by boat or air from other major cities and to establish a women's collective to make products with medicinal plants for use in the community and to sell to tourists as a means of sustainable income and cultural exchange. 


Organizing regular beach clean up events and working with the community council to implement sustainable and conscientious waste management policies 


Working closely with the local community to develop cultural experiences for visitors to the region and financial opportunities for local guides.


Inviting experts to facilitate workshops, courses and cultural activities of interest to the local community


Providing support to members of the  community to encourage the growth of small local businesses